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Freight Handler

As a Freight Handler at Walmart Supply Chain, you will have a critical role in moving product through our Distribution network to the Stores to service our Customers. Your role is critical in providing our customers with the product they expect at an everyday low price.

You can expect the work to be very physically demanding with an extremely high focus on your safety and the safety of others. You will be lifting heavy cases in extreme climates. The flow of freight is very fast-paced, and productivity expectations are high.

What We Do Matters

Getting Started

Get Comfy

Settle into the culture and focus on getting to know your team – and helping them get to know you! Be open, be yourself, and the strong connection you make now will serve you throughout your career.

Understand Your Purpose

It will take some time to get oriented, but the sooner you understand your distribution center and how it functions within Walmart, the easier it will be to start making bold moves.

Know Your Value

You’re an asset to this company! As you start to understand your role and responsibilities, look for opportunities where you can add your signature touch.

Embrace Big

So many people, so many teams! Learning how to navigate our organization will take a while, but you’ll get there. Stay open, take ownership, and enjoy the amazing ripple effect of your good work.

It all starts here.